Đầu phun xoắn ốc LORRIC SSP 1/4"- 3/4"

Thương hiệu : LORRIC

Liên hệ

• Unibody design with no internal parts                         
• Clog-resistant performance
• Standard thread is BSPT Male
• Wide range of flowrates and spray angles
• Fine atomization
• Spray patterns: Full Cone.
• Spray angles: 120° to 170°
• Recommended working pressure:2kg/cm²
• Flowrate tolerance:± 5%
• Angle tolerance:± 5

• Cleaning: Gas (Scrubber Applications),
Fire Cleanup, Cleaning Machinery, Mesh,
Tank, Parts, Rubble, Hoggin, etc.
• Cooling: Gas, Machinery, Tank, Plate Steel,
• Spreading: Sewage Treatment, Aeration,
Defoaming, Fire Prevention, Fire
Protection, Dust Suppression, etc.