Bộ dụng cụ cầm tay HOZAN 32 chi tiết

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Details table (kit contents: 32 pieces)
Reversible Screwdriver No.00/2.6 D-2
Reversible Screwdriver No.1/4.5 D-4
Reversible Screwdriver No.2/5.5 D-8
Precision Screwdrivers No.0 D-20     
Precision Screwdrivers No.1
Precision Screwdrivers 1.2
Precision Screwdrivers 1.8
Precision Screwdrivers 2.3
Precision Screwdrivers 3.0
Digital Multimeter DT-124
Soldering Iron Stands H-11
Soldering Iron with Booster H-600
Lead-Free Solder HS-363
Desolder Braid HS-380-2.5
Slide-Out Magnifier L-98
Diagonal Cutter with Stripper N-9-150
Snips N-838
Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter P-15-150
Slip Joint Pliers P-211Z-150
Crimping Tool P-704
Tweezers P-891
Ballpoint L-Wrench 1.5mm W-110      
Ballpoint L-Wrench 2.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 2.5mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 3.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 4.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 5.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 6.0mm
Adjustable Wrench W-230-150
Measure Tape Z-341
Clip Light  
Utility Knife